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A Successful One-Eyed Cat

My aunt used to say, “I am busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes.”  

Multiple project management is an important skill in pastoral leadership.  Success in ministry is linked closely with the ability to be aware of and evenly move forward multiple projects over the course of a day, week, or month.  Being a wonderful preacher means very little if you cannot look forward to and prepare for a successful nominating committee, while at the same time carry forward the chairing of the church board, plan for the upcoming evangelism meetings, and perhaps a wedding, and prayer meetings, and elders’ meetings, while keeping up with visiting and a host of other small projects.  

Simple habits and an easily accessible organizational system are absolutely necessary.  Sadly almost no one is intentionally taught how to successfuly manage multiple projects.  Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen is the best solution I have found.  It is a simple, intuitive system with a sound philosophy that can free you up to be your best as a pastor and leader.  I have used this system for many years now and find it an indispensable tool in pastoral leadership.  Please see the link below to the Kindle book and the Audible book.  The Audible book is abridged to just 2 hours 49 minutes (the unabridged audio book is also available at Audible).   


Lynda.com also has a excellent video seminar on the GTD system by David Allen himself.  If you are a pastor of the KS-NE Conference and would like to take the video seminar.  I can make it available to you for a very limited time (the next two weeks).  Let me know of your desire to take the course be emailing me at at pastor.covel@icloud.com and I will get you hooked up.  You can view the first video at Lynda.com and see the course outline at the link below.  The video seminar takes less than an hour to complete.


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